The first comprehensive educational process for growing entrepreneurs, not ideas

VentureGarden is the first comprehensive educational process for growing entrepreneurs, not ideas. It aims to help participants develop the venturer within and move from consideration to action. Once participants understand the journey, they can work on a specific idea. VentureGarden is the result of co-creation by two leading educational institutions, ALBA Graduate Business School at The American College of Greece in Athens and Anatolia School of Business of The American College of Thessaloniki in Thessaloniki, with the support of The Hellenic Initiative. VentureGarden is delivered in Thessaloniki and Athens simultaneously!

VentureGarden has two interdependent stages. Stage 1 consists of a rigorous 5 week classroom based curriculum, delivered both in Thessaloniki and Athens. An intensive and focused training period that introduces participants to the key elements of entrepreneurship and stimulates their curiosity for more. In Stage 2 each VentureGarden participant will have the chance to set up a personalized roadmap to entrepreneurial success. With the support of experts, mentors and our team, they will conquer one goal after the other.

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