Find the best travel destinations and hotels for the things you like

Travelmyth is the search engine to use every time you’re thinking of traveling, but you’re not sure where to go.

We’ll not ask you to name your destination like most other travel search engines do – we’ll only ask you to select what you like from a list of holiday themes and hotel collections. Then we’ll recommend the best destinations and hotels based on your interests.

Through the use of advanced algorithmic technology, our mission is to provide you with the best and most personalized travel recommendations possible. Just like the good travel agent who listened to you and tried to help you plan memorable holidays before the internet took over. Now we have advanced technologies which allow us to supply results for much more complex searches than the most intelligent travel agent could even dream of handling.
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How it works
After collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data for hundreds of thousands of destinations, hotels and landmarks around the world, we algorithmically rank them and return the most relevant results according to your searches and present them in a comprehensive way.

From the Founders
We built Travelmyth to help you find the best destinations and hotels for the things you like. We emphasize the word “best” as we want to present you with the top choices – not the cheapest deals. There are plenty of other travel search engines out there if you’re just looking for the cheapest deals.

Don’t be afraid to try complex searches – this is when the magic happens. For example, you might like beaches and want to travel to a romantic destination. You might also want your hotel to have an onsite spa and golf course. While searching the site, you could discover our beachfront collection and add it to your search. You can then restrict your search to a continent, a country or a region and you’ll end up with an ordered list of hotel recommendations which match your criteria at the most romantic destinations near the best beaches. The next step is to enter your dates so you can compare prices from the biggest booking sites and decide where you want to place your booking.

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