Synergy Project

Synergy Project

Work For Yourself, But Not By Yourself

Synergy Project, one of the very first coworking spaces operating in Greece, is located in a commercial and vibrant neighborhood in the center of Athens, just seconds away from the metro station “Panormou”. It’s outstanding locale combined with the state of the art interior design and equipment compose a superior office solution for self-employed professionals, freelancers, startups and students offering reasonable and flexible answers to the contemporary business scenery.

Synergy Project offers fully equipped workstations for anyone looking for a place to work or to study, a modern meeting room, ideal for meetings, presentations and seminars and a relaxing common area for charging your batteries during the day.

Our main objective is to create, through the productive cooperation of our members, a dynamic and effective synergistic community. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the possibilities coworking has to offer…

About Synergy Project

Coworking spaces are commonly known as fully equipped modern office spaces. Their main goal is to accommodate people who wish to work and cowork in a comfy and high standard setting that surpasses in amenities and potential their own work environment. Coworking spaces aim to offer superior office solutions to freelancers, people who work from home, startups and students.

 Their role though does not conclude in providing the space. Their main objective is to develop, through the productive cooperation of their members, a dynamic community of professionals where help and ideas are exchanged and new business prospects are conceived.

At Synergy Project you can book a desk for as long as you want in a comfy, functional and modern designed space. Additionally, a cutting-edge contemporary meeting room is available to host your meetings and presentations.

 Synergy Project is located in the center of Athens, just one breath away from the “Panormou” metro station. Enhance your productivity by working in one of the most vibrant, beautiful and safe neighborhoods in Athens center.

Therefore, if you believe in the advantages of collective thinking and collaboration or simply looking for a state of the art office space to station your business endeavors we are more than happy to meet and work with you.

Join the Project – Create in Synergy

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