Richard Branson: Have A Blast But Build Your Purpose

Richard Branson: Have A Blast But Build Your Purpose

Influencers share lessons from their youth on Linkedin

If I were 22, I would be out working hard, playing hard and having the time of my life. Hang on, what’s the difference between 22 and 63?!

There are lots of things I know now that I wish I had known when I was 22. I would have loved to have known that Sir Tim Berners-Lee was going to invent the Internet, so that I could have invented LinkedIn – not to mention Google, Twitter and Facebook! It would have been useful to have known that Steve Jobs was going to launch the iPod and the Internet was going to revolutionise the music industry – I would have sold our record shops and got out of the music business a lot earlier.

If I were 22 today, I would embrace the opportunities technology has given us. While I am in my sixties, I am incredibly excited about the transformative power of the web and all sorts of new technology. From opportunities to tackle climate change to research to beat terrible diseases, as well as inventions to improve everyone’s lives, I am sure the coming years will be a period of tremendous innovation. Most 22-year-olds today think that the way to make their fortunes is through setting up tech businesses, and it is true that can be a fruitful direction. But other more conventional businesses shouldn’t be forgotten. There are still plenty of different sectors that need shaking up. It is more important to follow your passion than going into tech simply to make a fortune. Not everybody is technically minded anyway, and if you don’t really love what you do you won’t succeed.

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