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Helps you create a high quality prototype which will work and feel like a real app

Development of mobile apps is a complex and challenging task, in particular relating to user interface and interactivity. Mobile apps operate within a smaller and more restrictive screen size than web apps. They respond to a number of touch events compared to a single click event and also interact in many more ways via screen transitions; therefore visualizing how a mobile app will appear and function is not  straightforward.

Any mobile app idea must be planned to perfection before any coding should start. Sketches, mock-ups and wire-frames embedded in slide shows often come to the rescue, however, these are not sufficient enough tools to help customers fully understand how their app will look and behave in reality. The true solution comes with the newly launched service is a powerful web application for creating fully interactive, high-fidelity mobile application prototypes. allows designers to create mobile app screens, apply screen transitions and define touch events for each design element on the screen. This creates a high quality prototype which will work and feel like a real app. Additional device events such as screen orientation are also supported. Prototypes can be viewed and experienced interactively within the browser but more importantly can be launched in the actual mobile device i.e iPhone, iPad or equivalent, creating a breath-taking user experience.

The prototype editor offers an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface that is familiar to most people that use traditional graphic software. The editor is fully compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari and Firefox. comes with a great number of design elements and UI components for prototyping such as toolbars, tab bars, navigation bars, menus, forms, text, photos and much more. Designed to be a prototype tool for all mobile platforms, currently offers UI elements for iPhone, iPad and Android. Last but not least, designers can print their prototypes and present their work in the traditional way. offers a free plan for single users and for a single project. paid subscription plans start at 24 USD per month for up to 3 concurrent projects with unlimited editors and project reviewers. There is a 15-day free trial on all plans. Give it a try! prototypes run like real apps. is made by the R&D department of SideshowNetQuest a Europe-based digital agency. Over 14 years of experience in building web sites, services and products have been put into

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