Enterprise analytics company specializing in call tracking and voice applications on the cloud

nimbata is a global enterprise analytics company specializing in voice applications on the cloud. Our affinity for cloud infrastructures (nimbus), work attitudes (nimble), and of course data, inspired us to create nimbata.

The team consists of PhD holdersMBA holders and professional engineers with experience from some of the leading Fortune 500 companies in the telco & information technology sectors. Our mission will always be to develop simple yet intelligent applications that enable our clients to create revenue opportunities, minimize costs, solve critical business challenges, improve business processes and reduce risks.

We’re human beings, just like you!

Our passions for telecom and information system technologies led us down the path to start-up nimbata. Leveraging the skills acquired over the years as professionals (and friends) we collectively started laying down the bricks for the call tracking framework.

Belonging to the “cloud” and “open source” generation, most of our applications are based on these two concepts. We’re people who love to code and we enjoy creating intelligence out of anything. We strive to constantly explore new technologies and create new applications that will be user friendly and design savy!

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