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Metavallon is a startup accelerator that is offering

  • Instruction, training, and one-on-one execution coaching
  • Mentorship and guidance through their global network of Experts
  • Targeted networking within Greece and internationally
  • One-month startup mission to San Francisco and the Silicon Valley
  • €25.000 in pre-seed funding for 8% equity through our Investing Partners

Numerous perks and services to each team, including…

  • $10-60,000 in Microsoft Software and cloud services on Windows Azure
  • $3,000 in Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • $100 in oDesk services plus free recruiting support and training on how to hire freelancers
  • 1 year free automated marketing subscription and unlimited emails by Segmatix
  • Financial, legal, and accounting advisory

NEW! Work and meeting space for 6 months through their Program Supporters

The Goal: 5 months to transform high-potential initiatives into startups geared up for scale – and investment.

Discover more about the game plan and stay tuned for their upcoming cycles.

 What they are looking for

The people is what matters most to them – those with:

  • The talent and brains to create restlessly
  • A sense of business acumen to execute vigorously
  • The commitment and perseverance to achieve big
  • Experience is helpful but not decisive; vision is key. The ideal company would have 2 or 3 founders. We’ll consider those with 4 or 5, and are reluctant to accept 1-person companies (though not unthinkable).

Your idea and progress is important too – and they aim for startup teams with:

  • a functional tech product or service
  • a scalable business model, within any industry
  • some initial market traction
  • We see these mostly as evidence of your ability to think and execute. Most successful startups change their initial ideas substantially.

In brief, they are looking for three things: talent, big idea in progress, and will.

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