liateR is for offline retail what is Google for the web

liateR uses gesture control, voice recognition and augmented reality to create an environment where consumers can digitally try on and buy clothing. At the same time we provide to retailers in depth analytics of their audience and also the ability to deliver personalized messages.

For example using liateR our customers will be in a position to know how many male with height 1.80 cm, currently wearing black clothes , and estimated to choose the size L have used the application, what time, in which location , how long have it used, what are the product combinations they made, how they react when they saw the price , what are the products they shared in their social media and of course what products did the finally choose to buy.

Retailers and brands that will be using liateR will also be able to target each specific niche they wish (in our example male, 1.80 cm, wearing black ) with tailor made messages (for example 20% discount in black t-shirts for L size).

The results we have from our MVP testing in 6 physical stores indicate increased sales with reduced costs and strong user engagement.

Our vision is to become for the offline retail what Google is for the web.

We want to create engaging tools that can help users search for products that they like and fit to their body type in the most natural user interface possible while receive personalized services from the retailers and the brands of their likings. We want to help retailers to better understand their customers in order to better serve them one at a time.

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