Corporate business incubator

IQbility is a corporate business incubator aiming to identify, incubate and accelerate the development of high-potential startups, through high quality mentorship, angel funding, experiential education, corporate resources, infrastructures and synergies.

IQbility is part of Quest Group. Quest is one of the largest Group of Companies in South Eastern Europe focusing on the IT sector.

Their Dream is to bridge local entrepreneurial talent with well established corporate resources to achieve amazing global business results.

They provide:

Cash: angel investment up to 100K euro
Facilities (12 months period): office space, internet,hardware
Services (12 months period) : accounting, legal
Mentoring: a network of experienced entrepreneurs and c-class executives
Access to investors: VCs, angels, private equity, corporations
Perks: Rackspace, Microsoft, IBM, HP

Their focus is on cloud services, enterprise SaaS, consumer internet, mobile applications, big data analytics, internet of things e.t.c.

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