Impact Hub Athens

Impact Hub Athens

Impact Hubs make up a global network of people, places, and programs that inspire, connect and catalyze impact. Impact Hub Athens is bringing together people who, through responsible and sustainable initiatives, can bring change.

Our global community is a thriving international ecosystem of more than 8000 social entrepreneurs and innovators who are connected by a common objective –the evolution of our current social and economic framework. Locally, the community of Impact Hub Athens consists of Entrepreneurs, Investors, Freelancers and Intrapreneurs who are committed to various projects that address social, economic, environmental and cultural issues.

More than 40 HUBs are up and running in all 5 continents. Impact Hub Athens is located in a historic 19th century building, in the heart of Athens. Here, we have created friendly, comfortable and inspiring spaces to work, meet, learn and hold events that connect and inspire people. Spaces that enforce entrepreneurial spirit and provide access to new ideas, resources, knowledge and network.

Our practices and dynamics foster a culture of constant interconnection between the members, networking, inspiration and collaboration through events, workshops, frequent presentations and discussions with distinguished people from all fields of work. Their goal is the development and evolution of initiatives and entrepreneurial
projects through our programs and personalised guidance by experts, but also the empowerment of social inclusiveness and action.

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