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Endeavor is an international non-profit organization, which selects and supports the most promising companies around the world with the help of the most prominent business leaders and investors globally.

Endeavor focuses on established businesses that already demonstrate solid turnover (typically between EUR 500K p.a. and 15 million p.a.). Through its affiliates in 20+ countries, Endeavor identifies entrepreneurs that lead high-growth companies across sectors and helps them unleash their potential through access to the key ingredients of business success: mentorship, strategic advice, inspiration and introduction to investors and markets. These High-Impact Entrepreneurs, with Endeavor’s support, have the potential to rapidly scale-up and lead job creation and wealth generation internationally and have the power to inspire countless others as leading role models. Together, these entrepreneurs hold the key to sustained economic growth.

Since 1997, the 800+ Endeavor Entrepreneurs from 500+ companies selected throughout Latin America, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt and Jordan have created more than 225,000 jobs and in 2012 they generated over $6 billion in revenues.

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Selection process and criteria

Endeavor screens thousands of entrepreneurs each year and selects those with exceptional, high-impact potential through a rigorous, multi-step selection process, which has a typical duration of 3-6 months and involves assessment by both local and international mentors



Entrepreneur services

Once selected, entrepreneurs are provided with customized services from a volunteer network of 1,000+ global and local business leaders who serve as mentors, advisors, connectors and role models.

Advisory Board

An Advisory Board that consists of up to three local mentors is assigned to each company that joins Endeavor. Endeavor Advisory Boards act as sounding boards that have no decision-making authority and review the strategic plans, existing goals, priorities and actions of Endeavor Entrepreneurs and offer them constructive feedback at 3-4 regular meetings per year.

Investment support

When Endeavor Entrepreneurs decide to raise equity capital, they can work closely with Endeavor to refine their financing strategy and their pitch materials for investors. To help entrepreneurs navigate the fundraising process, Endeavor connects them with a Global Mentor—typically an experienced US mentor or investor—who provides feedback on the entrepreneur’s financing strategy and pitch materials. Once an Endeavor Entrepreneur is ready to meet investors, Endeavor can provide introductions and connections to more than a hundred leading investment firms. Opportunities to connect with investors include Investor Network events—held 4 times per year around the world—as well as customized individual introductions. Endeavor Entrepreneurs raising equity rounds of US$5 million or more from institutional investors may qualify for passive co-investment by Endeavor Catalyst.

Global Connections

Endeavor Entrepreneurs connect with mentors and associates in the Endeavor Global Network, through a targeted and needs-based approach. Connections include mentoring, strategic advice, and introductions with a variety of organizations and individuals in a number of fields.

Partner Programs

Endeavor Global has established partnerships with leading organizations in order to enhance the support offered to Endeavor Entrepreneurs. Moreover, local offices have developed their own unique set of service offerings, partnerships, and programs aimed at providing local mentorship and support to Endeavor Entrepreneurs in their area. Partner programs address key functional areas (e.g., finance, technology, marketing, HR) and are tailored to the specific needs of Endeavor Entrepreneurs. The duration of partner programs varies from a few days to several weeks and they include custom projects implemented by partner staff.

Networking Events

Each year Endeavor organizes networking events bringing together entrepreneurs, mentors and investors and encouraging new ideas, synergies and connections. Global events such as Endeavor Gala, Summit and Investor Trek events include awards, roundtable and panel discussions, speed dating sessions with investors, networking dinners, and company visits. Local Endeavor offices organize local and regional events that constitute a great opportunity for Endeavor Entrepreneurs to connect with other entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and people from the local business community.

University Programs

Each year, Endeavor recruits MBA students from leading US business schools (e.g. Stanford, Harvard, MIT-Sloan, Wharton, Columbia, Kellogg, Yale SOM etc.) to spend 10 weeks during the summer working with Endeavor Entrepreneurs on-site as “eMBAs”. The three primary areas of focus for the eMBA projects are strategy, operations, and financing. Typically 30–35 eMBAs are placed on the ground each summer.

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