Clio Muse

Clio Muse

An interactive tour guide app for exhibition areas and museums

Clio Muse is the tour guide application that presents the exhibits through short intriguing stories. Forget huge descriptions with irrelevant information.

Clio muse is one platform connecting all Cultural Institutions (Exhibitors) with their visitors. Instead of vague and unlinked historical information, Clio Muse shares unique stories structured in 4 categories with certain time duration. Visitors can vote for them, play games, share their experience, choose the amount of information they want to find out about the objects and form a community. Museums can interact with their visitors, understand their needs and design their exhibitions accordingly. They can share new stories for the same objects multiple times, re-inviting & engaging their visitors again and again, thus maximizing their popularity and appeal to their stakeholders and get more easily funded.


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