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Who are we and what do we want to do

I am a journalist from Athens, Greece writing aboutĀ startups, entrepreneurship and e-ducation.

We teamed up with my developer to create this tool forĀ gathering information and visualizing the startup map of the greek ecosystem.

Contact me at doradidit@gmail.com


Vassilis is a father, husband and (THE) developer.

He lives in this world trying to empower entrepreneurship in Greece and he loves mobile and web apps as well as playing with big data.


GreekStartupMap is an effort to bring in a single place the rock of the 21st century that is called startup system. Greekstartupmap aims to visualize in a unique and innovative way the startup system, the connections with the world and the people that support it.

GreekStartupMap is made with love and personal effort.

GreekStartupMap rocks.-

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