7 ultimate social media tools for startups

7 ultimate social media tools for startups

Interact, engage, have traction!

Are you trying to keep up with the algorithmic changes on Facebook? Are you struggling with posting times and reaching out to the influencers? Here we have 7 really useful social media tools. Choose the one that fits your needs and make the best out of it!

1. SocialBro

Social Bro Website - Social Media AnalyticsSocialBro is a great twitter analytics resource for business. It allows you to maximise your exposure and engagement rates by showing you the best times to tweet. It also gives you audience insights (so you can learn more about the people that are following you) and allows you to send targeted Direct Message Campaigns.

You can also use SocialBro to provide Twitter analytics reports every week, a really useful tool to help you plan your weekly content calendar and maximise engagement.

SocialBro has a great 14 day trial which you can use to decide if you need a more advanced plan than you’re willing to pay for initially. It also has quite a good Free plan which has some basic features, but you’ll have to put up a small amount of cash to get the full functionality (it’s worth it).

You can see some of SocialBro’s features below –

Social Bro Features - Social Media Analytics Tool

Favourite SocialBro feature – Community Insights

Community Insights tells you all you need to know about your followers, and the people you’re following. It gives you frequently used hashtags, shows when your followers are online, and when engagement is highest. It’s really an invaluable social media tool for a startup.

2. Piktochart

Piktochart Logo - Infographic CreatorPiktochart lets you create amazing infographics whiteout having to mess around with design applications. Infographics are a great way of repackaging information and sharing it with your followers. Infographics tend to get high re-tweets and are loved by information addicts.

You can start using Piktochart for free, but you’ll sacrifice being able to export as a PDF, access their full catalogue of icons and you’ll have to make do with a Piktochart watermark at the bottom. I really suggest you consider the monthly billing option which allows you to access everything Piktochart has to offer for $29 a month.

Piktochart - Social Media Infographic Creator

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