5 great front-end developer tools

5 great front-end developer tools

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This is a tech post by Arnaud Breton, full-stack developer with a specific focus on the front-end side and user experience. Before joining mention, Arnaud was co-founder and CTO of UniShared and VideoNot.es, part of the Imagine K-12 2013 Winter batch.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen tremendous growth in an entirely new generation of web applications. These apps have become much richer, leading to a huge increase in complexity on the front-end side.

Frameworks like Backbone (the one we use at mention), AngularJS, and EmberJS provide robust solutions to build amazing apps, leveraging all of the web’s power. Meanwhile, Javascript, the web language, has grown a lot (both in popularity and in maturity) and now has back-end side implementation with NodeJS.

In order to succeed in these new challenges of complexity, developers have created a lot of tools to streamline the overall development process. From test frameworks to profiling tools, we now have mature and useful tools to bring the best experience to our users.

At mention, we love the tools which help us to provide the best quality software while at the same time making our life easier. In this blogpost, we’ll present the 5 best tools and frameworks that we use every day to address these challenges.

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